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~Organic, non-invasive skin care services 

& Relaxing Massage Therapy sessions

with a focus on health, wellness, & healing~

Welcome to Medina Massage & Skin Care, LLC

Experience the difference of Vegan, Organic, and Natural Skin Care.  

We offer a variety of Skin Care and Massage services. 

We personalize each session for you! 

You will enjoy supreme relaxation, heated linens and towels, soft music,& a serene environment. 

We use Organic massage oils, food grade essential oils, plant based medical grade skin care.

We carry a range of skin care and personal care products for retail for Men, Women, Children & Pets!

Let us help you Relax & Love the Skin you are in! 

Fix it Massage

45 min Massage

When you need less time but still want to get to the troubled spots

Keep the muscles relaxed,


for Athletes, Runners,

Migraines suffers,

chronic neck conditions.

People who sit at a desk all day

i.e. Tech Neck


Hour Wellness Massage

60 min Massage

This massage will involve

stretching of muscle groups

​Trigger Point Therapy Release

& various other modalities to

release & recover muscles tissue.


90 Minute Healing Massage

90 min Massage

Give yourself the gift of time to unwind.

massage the knots out and truly relax. We use warm towels, includes organic essential oil aromatherapy and warm foot booties.


Ear Candling

Ear Candling : Includes 2 Candles Check out the website below to answer all your Questions. We use Natural/BeesWax Candles. No it is NOT Painful. It is actually Relaxing. Improves Hearing. See the Results in the Candle. 2-4 Sessions may be needed, depending on Wax Buildup

1 hour $50

Vitamin C Rejuvenating Facial

Vitamin C Facial. All Skin Types.

Lighten & brighten skin

Fades pigmentation/brown spots

Best if booked in a series of 3

for optimal results

"Get your Glow on!"

1 hour $75

Shirodhara Treatment

90 minutes of pure bliss.

Sesame oil

Shirodhara Treatment

Originating in India, Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic healing technique

which involves gentle head massage and the dripping of a slow stream of warm oil onto the forehead, specifically in alignment

with the third-eye or anja chakra.

The process is gentle, its application mindful.

Benefits of Shirodhara Opens third eye, promoting intuition

Increased blood circulation in brain ,Overall relaxation

Nourishes dry skin and brittle or thinning hair

Pain reliever, good for the chronic suffering

Lowers blood pressure Gives clarity of mind,

quieting mental chatter .Rejuvenates lackluster energies

Clears away toxins Health Conditions Treated with Shirodhara:

Fear or Anxiety Fatigue or lethargic demeanor,Headaches and migraine

Indigestion, Insomnia, Mental fog

Jet lag

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)


1 hour 30 minutes

$115 +( long hair)

3 sessions

for $315

What our customers are saying

Great massage services! Cinnamon is a miracle worker.

Amy Skelton, Business owner

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6 -1 hour custom massage sessions

Best Package Offer

59.16 each session (Regular 65.00)


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6-1/2 hour custom massage sessions

Best for General Upkeep

35.83 each session (Regular 40.00)


JUNE 2019 Special


Facial & Massage Combo

90 min. 

Enjoy custom European Facial with a Swedish Massage in one Treatment!

99.00 session (Regular 125.00)